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Savanna Samson has a very interesting biography.  Many porn stars start off their careers rather young, get married and then leave porn.  That’s not however how the industry got to know Savanna Samson.

She married in 1999 and by 2002 the couple had a son and were well on their way to getting a divorce.   Savanna’s husband (then fiancée) had a fantasy about being with a porn star so Savanna decided to make his dream come true and secretly did an adult movie called Rocco Meats an American Angel in Paris, as a wedding gift to him.  This was in about 1999.  Savanna gave the movie to her husband on their wedding night, but she hated the overall experience.  Which is really on surprise.  Almost everything from Evil Angel is pretty much basement made, low budget crap.

Rocco Meats an American Angel in Paris

Savanna Samson is described by most that work with her as a perfectionist and she wants everything she does to be great.  Years later in a Penthouse interview,  she revealed that when she saw the movie herself, it made her cry.  She was far from happy with the results and as a result didn’t perform in another adult movie for several years.  In fact, she would have probably never done another movie again if it weren’t for a Howard Stern promising to hook her up with the world famous adult porno company Vivid who was known for their high quality productions.

After her divorce to make ends meet, Savanna Samson worked as an exotic dancer at the world famous Score’s club in New York. This is a very high class gentleman’s club where a lot of celebrities frequent. It is rumored that a dancer at Scores can easily make $1000 a night in tips.   One night while working at Scores in about 1997, Savanna had the good fortune of catching the eye of infamous shock jock Howard Stern.

As the story goes … Howard called Savanna over to his table to do a private dance.  After the dance, he invited her to sit at his table and he was pleasantly surprised to find out how articulate she was and so he invited her to appear on his show.  She accepted, not knowing what to expect showed up and had a great time.  Howard and Savanna flirted back and forth rather innocently … for quite some time (some say as long as two years) however Howard who had just gone through a divorce was not looking for anything serious and at the time Savanna was going through a breakup of her own marriage, but you could tell there was some pretty strong chemistry between Howard and Savanna.  Howard made quite a few more trips to Scores over the next few months, each time requesting private table dances from Savanna and Savanna made a few more appearances on Howard’s show.  Sometime during this back and forth, Howard asked Savanna if she had ever done any porn movies.  She told Howard about her one ordeal with Rocco in porn and how bad it went.  Howard said Savanna just didn’t get with the right people, that if you are going to do something, do it with the best and the best in the porn business was Vivid so he made a few calls and got his friends at Vivid to talk to Savanna.

Savanna was a little unsure about doing it at first but she was also just going through a divorce and as a single mother, she knew she could really use the extra money.  However let me be clear here … Savanna isn’t your typical porn star.  She’s a smart girl and knew a good deal when she seen one.  Savanna knew she wasn’t getting any younger and she knew that her time as an exotic dancer was limited and she had to figure out a new career and she was hoping she could get a good enough deal in porn to parlay that into something else all together.  Savanna had her eye on the long term future and for that you have to respect her.  She is amazingly smart and in a business where most girls can’t see past the camera, Savanna was looking toward the future … 10, even 20 years from now … something extremely rare in the adult business.

In 2002 Savanna officially became a Vivid girl, signing an exclusive contract with them for one year.  Savanna came to Vivid at a time when they had a stable full of young, beautiful girls that seemed to be getting all of the attention, however Savanna proved to be mature and professional and in the long run that is what impressed Vivid.  At a time when Vivid was tired of the non stop complaints and hissy fits, Savanna showed up to work on time, every time … did the job she was paid for and then went about her business quietly.

So when it came time to renew Savanna’s contract, they did so and also increased the amount of work they were sending her way and how much they were spending on promotion of her movies.

Over the years Savanna has performed in more than 50 feature films for Vivid, however her most famous performance is in her movie
The New Devil in Miss Jones … a remake of the infamous 1973 flick, The Devil in Miss Jones was the successor to Deep Throat and achieved wide acclaim from the mainstream public and was referenced in many films, books and television programs.

The remake, which stars Savanna was a huge hit as well! In The New Devil is Miss Jones, Savanna Samson plays Miss Jones and Jenna Jameson is the Devil. Georgina Spelvin, the star of the original film, here takes a non-sexual role as a cleaning woman and mentor to the new Miss Jones. At the 2006 AVN Awards, the remake dominated the Film category, winning 9 awards in all (as listed below).

  • Best Actress – Film
  • Best Film
  • Best All-Girl Sex Scene – Film
  • Best Art Direction – Film
  • Best Cinematography
  • Best Editing – Film
  • Best Screenplay – Film
  • Best Director – Film
  • Best Supporting Actress – Film

In 2006 Savanna Savanna made a non sex appearance in a gay porno called Michael Lucas’ La Dolce Vita, a remake of the classic movie “La Dolce Vita”. Savanna was even nominated for an award for her performance in the movie. Savanna was awarded the 2007 Gayvn award for the best non-sex performance.

In February of 2007 a law suit over the movie was filed. The company that owns the rights to Federico Fellini’s 1961 award-winning film “La Dolce Vita” has accused Lucas of dirty dealing by making a gay-porn version of the classic movie that violates trademark laws and tarnishes the originals reputation. Michael Lucus denied ripping off the Fellini flick and replied that “The similarities are so little, I would say it was maybe inspired,” Lucas said.

In April of 2007 The New York Post reported that Savanna Samson signed a recording contract with Koch Records and that her first album will be out in late 2007.
Koch VP Chuck Oliner swears her debut album has “hot new songs and some sexy standards.” However no other details about her upcoming recording career are available at this time.

Despite Savanna’s world wide fame, retailers and advertisers often confuse how to spell her name and promote her not as Savanna Samson, but instead Savannah or Savanna Sampson. Although the misspelling of her last name isn’t that much of a problem, promoting a blonde porn star as Savannah can create quite some confusion with die hard porn fans who know that the real Savannah died more than a decade ago.

But Savanna Samson’s true fans don’t let the confusion get to them and there are many of them. They love Savanna no matter how people may spell her name and who can blame them. 🙂

Savanna Samson at the 2007 Adult Show in Vegas

Savanna Samson Wine

In 2005 Savanna Samson decided she would still work with Vivid but in a very special way. In short she started her own production company called Savanna Samson productions and her movies will be distrubted through Vivid just as if she was still a normal Vivid girl. Savanna Samson herself had this to say about it … “I also maintain my long-term contract with Vivid Video, continuing to make adult films, and I recently created my very own production company in 2005 to produce and star in my very own feature films. My first feature, entitled “Any Way You Want Me,” represents a totally new and innovative experience in adult interactive films.”



Savanna Samson’s new single “Possession” is now available as an i-tunes download. click here for that

Here is a YouTube type clip of Savanna Samson on the Daily Show, in a comedy segment from September of 2008. Her part is in the video around 1:38.

Here is Savanna’s official Vivid biography …..

Savanna Samson was born in Rochester, NY and lives to break every porn star stereotype except two – she’s very sexy and very beautiful. Savanna Samson’s a highly trained ballet dancer and opera fan that rarely misses a performance at the Met. Savanna Samson has appeared in a week-long radio series exploring the famed opera Tristan and Isolde. A lover of New York City’s museums and restaurants, Savanna Samson’s also a writer who does magazine articles on subjects as diverse as fine wines and kissing.

Savanna Samson is a 5’5″, 116-pound blonde with a taste for yellow Ferrari’s and the attitude of a true sexual adventurer. She began studying ballet at age three and moved to Manhattan from upstate New York as a teenager. She continues to study ballet and theatre and enjoys going to wine tastings and visiting vineyards in Europe and the U.S. She has even started her own wine company, Savanna Wines.

From their first meeting, Howard Stern was attracted to Savanna Samson not just for her undeniable beauty, but also for being articulate, witty and insightful. She is the perfect guest for his radio and TV show and is a favorite of both crew and fans. Savanna has also signed a recording contract and is a dating columnist for Adult Friend Finder.

In addition to her Vivid career which has netted her 6 AVN awards, she had a part in the NBC comedy series “Ed,” and posed for a Vanity Fair pictorial with famed photographer David LaChapelle. Savanna stays fit by visiting the gym frequently, lifting weights and doing a rigorous cardiovascular routine.

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