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Savanna Samson is far from your typical porn star.  Sure Savanna Samson”s very sexy and beautiful, but she’s also a trained ballet dancer and an opera fan who regularly attends performances at the NYC met. Savanna Samson frequents New York City’s many museums and fine restaurants and is also a writer.  She contributes articles to many magazines on subjects as diverse as fine wine and kissing.  Savanna Samson is also a musician and is articulate, witty, insightful and yet humble.

Savanna Samson

Strange combination for a porn star sure, but that’s just makes her all the more unique.  Some say Savanna Samson is the hardest working Vivid girl, putting out new movie after new movie for Vivid.  Whereas the typical Vivid girl may put out 4 or 5 movies a year, Savanna Samson may put out 10! I first began this site in 2003.  It was a small site at first but over the years it has grown and continued to get bigger and better!  This site was one of the first fan sites dedicated exclusively to Savanna Samson and is still around years later!!  The site is still free of course … and I wouldn’t ever have it any other way.  If you like what you find here at this site be sure and add your name to the site update list so you’ll be the first to know when it’s updated.

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Savanna Samson began with Vivid in 2002 and in that time has done over 50 feature films for them.  In 2005 she decided she would still work with Vivid but in a very special way. In short she started her own production company called Savanna Samson productions and her movies will be distributed through Vivid just as if she was still a normal Vivid girl. They would also help her with the technical production details but these movies would be all hers.  Her vision, her scripts, her casting.  You can find out more details about her career on her biography page.

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My name is Kelli and well, then is my website dedicated to the one and only Savanna Samson. I’ve been running porn star themed free adult websites since 1996 and I hope that you like what you see here on my Savanna Samson shrine. If you like this site you can click on the friends and lovers link from the main menu to check out some of my others that you might like as well.   In the mean time I hope that you enjoy my Savanna Samson site and know that I do add new photos and movie trailers, etc. all the time so be sure and add your name to the newsletter so you can find out when the site gets something new and fabulous.

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